DIY Mason Jar Light

DIY Mason Jar Light

Check out this DIY Mason Jar Light! This is a really great chandelier idea for mounting lights to the wall. I always find light ideas to be really great home decor because they look great and they also provide a source of light for that room as well.


- Grapevine Wire
- Burlap Ribbon
- 5 large mouth Mason Jars
- 100 White Lights
- 100 White Lights
- Cast Iron Swivel Hooks


1. To make the hangers for the jars just twist the grapevine wire around a pencil.
2. Then around the mouth of the jar.
3. Twist.
4. And bring the grapevine wire up and around and attach it to the little ring you made to begin with.
5. I put the top ring back on just to better secure the grapevine wire.
6. Now for the fun part! Hang your hook wherever you want it and get out those pretty white lights.
7. Decide how you want the lights to hang.
8. If you want put an adapter on your existing porch light so the mason jar light is controlled by a light switch.
9. All done!