DIY Urban Deck Garden

DIY Urban Deck Garden

In my life I have determined that as people get older they begin to fall in love with gardening. Creating a beautiful garden or living off the land at home calms a lot of peoples nerves and keeps people busy because it can be a lot of work. And if you are interested in adding some more gardening ideas to your garden then this DIY Urban Deck Garden is perfect for you. Puts you to work with another really great project for your yard.

Materials Required:
2- 2x2x8 cedar boards
2 plastic storage bins
Brass screws
3M™ Paint Sanding Valved Respirator
Outdoor wood finish
6- 1x4x12 cedar boards
3M™ safety products including glasses and earplugs
ScotchBlue™ Tape
3M™ SandBlaster Pro Sandpaper

1. Start by organizing all your cuts by taking tape and taping each piece of wood and writing down the cut size on the wood
2. Set all boards to the side for assembly
3. Give each board a quick sand using a medium grit paper just to smooth out some of those rougher spots
4. Start off my drilling pilot holes into each board and after that start screwing together the boxes
5. Make sure you use your roofing square and a clamp to ensure that sides are perfectly square
DIY Urban Deck Garden - Square Boxes
6. Take a couple of sample boards put on your mask and test out the stain to make sure it is the color you want
7. Now that you are happy with your boxes and stain it is time to start staining your cedar
8. Before you do that through take your painters tape and tape off your brass screws.
9. Add 2 coats of stain
10. Take your plastic bins and drill several holes in the bottom for drainage
11. Add some soil to your plastic bin at the bottom
12. Grab your favorite plant and make sure that the bottom soil area is 2 to 3 times the size of the root
13. Mix in the rest with compost and soil so that its flush with the top of the root AKA the bottom of the plant
14. Put your plastic bin inside of your beautiful cedar stained boxes and Enjoy!

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