Easy DIY Fringed Placemats

Easy DIY Fringed Placemats

Your outdoor furniture deserves a makeover once in awhile doesn’t it? Here are some really easy DIY fringed placemats which make for the perfect outdoor table pads for your patio accessory and you can make it yourself! To top it all off they take no time at all to make and are actually quite cheap to make as well. They will add color and protection to your table so you can enjoy the outdoors all summer long! Create your own dining table pads today!

Materials Required:
- Scissors
- Fabric Strips and/or Ribbon
- Non-Adhesive Drawer Liners
1. Use your scissors to cut out the drawer liner to the size of your choosing for the placemat.
2. Make sure you are very creative with what you cut out such as a circle, heart or any shape you desire.
3. If you find that the holes in the drawer liner do not have a big enough opening to easily slide fabric through, Make sure you give them a bit of a cut to get them a little bit wider.
4. Now that it is wide enough slide fabric through the holes and knot it.
5. Repeat this step all around the edge of the liner.
6. Enjoy your beautiful placemats!

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