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DIY Thumbtack Ampersand Wall Art

By Admin / March 28, 2014

Turn something completely normal into a thing of art. This DIY Thumbtack Ampersand Wall Art idea is a great way to add some color and decor to any wall in your home. Pick a color, some sort of thing or object to map out and start your thumbtack wall art today! Wall Art Ideas Credit […]


DIY Family Hand Print Trees Tutorial

By Admin / March 3, 2014

Here is a really great craft idea for the whole family to participate in. Its really easy to do and a lot of fun. Get your whole family together this week and join in the fun with this DIY Family Hand Print Trees Tutorial. Make a masterpiece that is not only cute but also has […]


DIY Love Sequents Sign

By Admin / January 15, 2014

I love this gold DIY love sequents sign and how simple this is to create! Wouldn’t this be cute in different colors that coordinates with your home decor as well? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, this would be a great craft to do with the kids or even one of your late night […]


DIY Heart Shaped Backdrop

By Admin / January 10, 2014

Love is in the air…or in this case, on the wall. Make your very own DIY heart shaped backdrop and bring some love in any room. This gorgeous piece is simple to make and interchangeable. What a great project for Valentines Day or having an intimate dinner for two in front of the backdrop! Try […]


Button Tree Wall Art

By Admin / January 2, 2014

Here is a really cool project to take on this month. This Button Tree Wall Art tutorial at Crafts By Amanda blog is actually really easy to follow and does not require you to be a complete artist. I personally love projects that have a lot of wow factor to them and this is one […]


DIY New Years Paper Shakers

By Admin / December 31, 2013

Times ticking but you still have time to make this cute DIY New Years paper shakers! These are perfect for the little guys celebrating this special night! So easy to make, you can even have them help you or make their own! They will love shaking these while ringing in the New Year! Try it […]


DIY Canvas Portrait

By Admin / December 17, 2013

A picture truly can say a thousand words. A canvas portrait is so elegantly beautiful on a shelf or hung up on a wall. With this DIY canvas portrait tutorial you will be able to showcase your favorite picture and have it stand out a bit more than all the rest. I just love the […]


DIY Recycled Shoebox Wall Art

By Admin / December 9, 2013

Everyone has them. Shoeboxes stacked in the closet, or under the bed. With this neat DIY recycled shoebox wall art, you can create your very own custom semi-sequel graphic art! This is a cool idea to create the wall art for a child’s room or even a home office! Since the shoeboxes or even the […]


DIY Holiday Hot Glue Votive Candles!

By Admin / November 15, 2013

I found these DIY holiday hot glue votive candles that look so unique and simple to make. This process doesn’t even take long, so you can create multiple votive candles for any holiday occasion in a flash! I love the clear glue personally since it almost makes a frosted look, but when you add some […]


DIY Glittering Candy Cane

By Admin / November 8, 2013

These DIY Glittering Candy Canes are so beautiful and elegant to place on the Christmas tree. When the twinkling lights hit the candy canes, they add a shimmer of sparkle. These are very easy to make and you’ll have a great time with this project with your kids as well! Here is the link to […]

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