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DIY Pebble Bathroom Mat

By Admin / April 4, 2014

All bathrooms need shower mats or floor mats of some type. But have you ever thought of a pebble bathroom mat? This DIY Pebble Bathroom Mat has a really interesting design to it and it feels really great on your feet. Whats even better is it is really cheap to make and you can even […]


17 Awesome French Drugstore Beauty Products That Work

By Admin / March 7, 2014

I have been going to the drugstore lately for beauty products not just because they work but also because they have some of the best products that you can’t find any but your local pharmacy. So get our your drugstore list and start taking notes because these are some seriously awesome beauty products. 1. Denblan […]


10 DIY Ways To Take Care Of Yourself For Valentine’s Day

By Admin / February 11, 2014

If you are not out with your loved one this Valentine’s Day then I always say take care of yourself. Here are 10 DIY Ways To Take Care Of Yourself For Valentine’s Day including light some candles to regain some of your sanity, lounge around in your undies pretending that you live by yourself, or […]


41 Beauty Products That Work

By Admin / January 28, 2014

Ok readers here is your new holy grail beauty products. Bet you can’t get through this post without buying something :). 1. E.L.F. Lip Exfoliator, $3 from Target Credit for Image(s): 2. Sephora Eye Makeup Remover, $9.50 from Sephora Credit for Image(s): 3. Serius Serum, $25 from Amazon Credit for Image(s): 4. […]


DIY Snow Bath Soap

By Admin / January 3, 2014

In dire need of a hot bath after a cold commute home after work. Need to soak after you have been running around doing your chores all day long? Well we got just the solution to go with your hot bath. This DIY Snow Bath Soap is a really nice addition to any hot bath […]


Last-Minute DIY Gift Ideas- Peppermint Sugar Scrub

By Admin / December 21, 2013

The last few days before Christmas is the most stressful of them all. Especially if you’ve waited to the absolute last-minute to buy or make something for those on your Christmas list. Well your in luck. With these 10 Extremely-Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas, you can quickly knock off a bunch of people with gifts […]


DIY Pebble Indoor/Outdoor Mat

By Admin / December 17, 2013

Have you ever seen a spa-inspired pebble bath mats sold in home decorating stores and saw its price? It can quite literately take your breath away. They are not cheap to buy. So why not consider making your own. Either as a welcome mat, bath mat or even a table top display. These smooth river […]


DIY Bathroom Wall-Mounted Storage Unit

By Admin / November 28, 2013

If you have a very small bathroom and not enough storage, this DIY bathroom wall-mounted storage unit may be perfect for you. Its simply, modern and won’t take up any valuable space. Check out the link for additional inspiration to help any of your bathroom storage issues banish. Here is the link to storage unit. […]


Homemade Peppermint Coffee Body Scrub

By Admin / November 28, 2013

Body scrubs are some of the best gifts out there. Especially when they have the invigorating scent to help them wake up in those cold mornings. This really unique Homemade Peppermint Coffee Body Scrub is also perfect for those cold winter days when you want a your bathroom or kitchen to smell fresh. Body Scrub […]


DIY Skin Care Remedies

By Admin / October 7, 2013

Here are some really good DIY skin care remedies that you can make yourself and save you the money it costs to purchase store bought ones. I started making the dry skin remedy for this winter. I am hoping this works better than my other products I have in my household. Check it out! Shumailas […]

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