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Holiday Mocha Mint Frappe

By Admin / December 10, 2013

Yummy! This decadent festive drink is one to mark in your books! The Holiday Mocha Mint Frappe is perfect served at any family gathering or simply an evening in front of the fireplace. Your guests will love this holiday drink just as much as you will! So prepare those coffee ice cubes and bring out […]


10 Uses For Used Coffee Grounds

By Admin / November 18, 2013

Just before you decide to toss away your used coffee grounds, be sure to read this next article. These 10 uses for used coffee grounds that will help with things like insect repellents, plant food or a deodorizer. Check it out! Here is the link to Uses For Used Coffee Grounds. Top 10 Uses For […]


Starbucks Frappuccino Menu

By Admin / September 11, 2013

Look at all these fraps! I am a huge frap fan and I typically get one every morning in the summer time before I head to work. Honestly they all taste great just make sure you switch it up once in awhile. I determined that after about a week of the same frap you need […]