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DIY Easter Gift Bottles

By Admin / April 6, 2014

I typically give out a lot of gifts to friends and family during the Easter celebration. So in the process of looking for more ideas I came across these DIY Easter Gift Bottles which are another great way to recycle and reuse as well as give a gift all at the same time. Love this […]


15 DIY Easter Egg Wreath Ideas

By Admin / April 2, 2014

Running out of Easter Decor for your home this year? Well we have found a really great collection of 15 DIY Easter Egg Wreath Ideas that will make any door look amazing this Easter season. Celebrate in style and make sure all your guests that come over for dinner have a chance to admire your […]


6 Easter Crafts And Ideas

By Admin / March 31, 2014

As Easter approaches more and more craft ideas are showing up all over the web. So we are trying to collect as many great ideas as possible so that we can start to prepare all of our eggs and crafts for the Easter celebration. Check out these 6 Easter Crafts And Ideas and make sure […]


DIY Nail Polished Easter Eggs

By Admin / March 26, 2014

If you have some extra nail polish at home this Easter season then here is a really great idea for you. These eggs have a marbled look to them and they are made from nail polish would you believe. The unique colors and look you can get from these DIY Nail Polished Easter Eggs is […]


DIY Easter Egg Planters

By Admin / March 24, 2014

Here are some really great DIY Easter Egg Planters that you can start before Easter. Whats great about this project is they are really really family friendly so you can enjoy making them with the whole family. Choose your Easter crafts wisely this year and make sure you plant these herbs about 5-7 days before […]


80 Awesome DIY Easter Decorations

By Admin / March 10, 2014

As Easter approaches everyone is starting to have visions of melting snow, warmer weather, tonnes of bright colors and loads of decorations. If you are interested in making some really great decorations this Easter season then check out these 80 Awesome DIY Easter Decorations Easter Ideas Credit for Image(s):


80 DIY Creative Easter Egg Decorating and Craft Ideas

By Admin / March 10, 2014

As I always say to my friends and kids, its that time again. Yes its time to gather all those eggs and think about all those great ways to decorate them for Easter. While I believe the traditional way of dyeing eggs in a vinegar based dye is well pretty standard, there are many other […]


DIY Balloon and String Easter Eggs

By Admin / March 10, 2014

Here is a really great idea for the kids this Easter season. Whats interesting about this idea is you will be making several small eggs from water balloons. The finished product looks great and it will get you some great responses from family and friends. Go and check out the DIY Balloon and String Easter […]


Sock Bunny Craft Tutorial

By Admin / August 28, 2013

Crafting really cute things is fun especially when its a cute little bunny made out of socks. My son just loved this neat idea. We made a blue bunny last Easter and he still to this day sleeps with his blue bunny at night. Honestly the tutorial is not really that hard just takes a […]