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22 DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas She’ll Love!

By Admin / May 5, 2014

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and if you are still looking for something to give her, we have 22 gift ideas. These DIY projects are a perfect gift to give to your mom, a grandmother, aunt, a friend or someone special to you. They are all handmade and will be the perfect touch […]


How Long Does Meat Stay Fresh

By Admin / February 25, 2014

Here is a really good guide which talks about how long your meat will keep in the fridge before it starts to go bad or taste weird. I definitely need to keep this image on my fridge from now on so I remember that exact times for all the meats that enter and exit my […]


31 Smart Super Bowl Party Ideas That Will Make Your Life Easier

By Admin / January 27, 2014

As we approach that really great time of the year we would like to provide everyone some great tips and tricks that will let you focus on the really important thing on that day which is the game. Check out these 31 Smart Super Bowl Party Ideas That Will Make Your Life Easier and forget […]


Valentine Goodie Bags

By Admin / January 14, 2014

I love these Valentine goodie bags and the idea of sending these to school with your little one to give to classmates or bringing them to the office to treat your coworkers! Or how about a sweet Valentine’s Day brunch with your girlfriends with little bags of goodies to take home? I’m a big fan […]


Rolo Stuffed Cookies

By Admin / January 7, 2014

Everyone likes Rolos right? Well if you do here is something that even better than just a plain Rolo. These Rolo Stuffed Cookies are very simple to make and they contain the great taste of cookie dough and rolo all in one. My favorite part of these cookies is the texture because the Rolos melt […]


Rocky Road Cookies

By Admin / January 7, 2014

Here is a really tasty cookies for your 2014 list of sweet treats. These Rocky Road Cookies are one of my favorites because the marshmellows just sit on the top and melt into the cookies and brown on the top giving them a really neat texture. And to top it off they just melt in […]


DIY Snowman Cake Pops

By Admin / January 3, 2014

Here’s a really neat holiday treat for all. If you need something to go down nicely with that hot chocolate for those cold winter days why not throw some DIY Snowman Cake Pops on the side not just for taste but also for style. Impress your friends, family or even neighbors when you invite them […]


35 Smart Things You Could Be Making Yourself

By Admin / January 2, 2014

If you haven’t already started making things that you use everyday yourself rather then buying it you have missing out on both quality and savings. In the last few years I personally have starting making my own cleaning products such as laundry detergents and soaps from guides similar to this one I have found today […]


Red Velvet Cupcake in a Jar

By Admin / December 17, 2013

Cupcakes in general is a great gift to give to someone especially during the holidays. Whats even better is adding some extra appeal and dressing them up to give as party favors or a nice gift for a party host. This red velvet cupcake in a jar is so delicious you’ll be asked to make […]


Holiday Mocha Mint Frappe

By Admin / December 10, 2013

Yummy! This decadent festive drink is one to mark in your books! The Holiday Mocha Mint Frappe is perfect served at any family gathering or simply an evening in front of the fireplace. Your guests will love this holiday drink just as much as you will! So prepare those coffee ice cubes and bring out […]

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