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The Truth About Energy Saving Light Bulbs

By Admin / April 2, 2016

The problem with early lightbulbs was that they didn’t last very long, in 1880 Thomas Edison created a lightbulb that could last for up to 1200 hours. The Edison lightbulb contained a bamboo filament, contained in an oxygenless glass bulb. In 1906 The General Electric Company began experimenting with tungsten filaments. This new type of […]


Jeremiah Chandelier

By Admin / January 27, 2016

Lighting is one of those significant decor elements that not only enhance the overall beauty of a home, but also transforms a boring house to a brighter home. Customers are becoming very conscious when it comes to choosing a lighting fixture as they look for combination of three important attributes – style, quality and value. […]


DIY Kitchen Utensils Chandeliers

By Admin / March 3, 2014

Check out these DIY Kitchen Utensils Chandeliers which are really creative ways to make some interesting lighting. My favorite part about this idea is the colors you can include when making it as well as the lighting effects. You can put these lights pretty much anywhere and can have a lot of fun with the […]


DIY Industrial Chandelier

By Admin / February 21, 2014

Chandeliers are a beautiful piece of home decor but they can cost quite a bit of cash. But there is a DIY solution for that as well. Instead of a fancy ornamental style there is another style which I call industrial which in my mind is making a huge comeback in past years. Check out […]


DIY Mason Jar Light

By Admin / February 15, 2014

Check out this DIY Mason Jar Light! This is a really great chandelier idea for mounting lights to the wall. I always find light ideas to be really great home decor because they look great and they also provide a source of light for that room as well. Materials: – Grapevine Wire – Burlap Ribbon […]


DIY Hanging Pendent Light

By Admin / February 12, 2014

Here is another great decor project for a light in any room in your home. This project is actually quite simple and gives you the ability to create a sophisticated, sculptural DIY Hanging Pendent Light using the materials featured in the picture above. Light Ideas Credit for Image(s):


DIY Starburst Straw Lamp

By Admin / November 28, 2013

Don’t you just love the cool effects of this DIY starburst straw lamp? I do! It’s extremely cheap to make- all you really need is drinking straws and a cheap deep fryer or colander. Try it out and create one of your own! Here is the link to Straw Lamp. Starburst Drinking Straw Lamp Credit […]


DIY Wax Paper Lantern Project

By Admin / November 19, 2013

What a creative idea! I just love these DIY wax paper lantern project that is so simple to do and a great decor you can add to any room! These lanterns give off just the right amount of light to create an ambiance of comfort and relaxation! Here is the link to DIY Latern Project. […]


“Fireflies in a Jar” Night Lantern

By Admin / August 26, 2013

My niece and I did this idea awhile back. Its a really cool idea where you can light up an area in your home or just carry one of these neat lanterns around the house to light your way. Its very colorful, fun and honestly I was amazed some of the cool color effects we […]


String of Paper Cube Lights

By Admin / August 10, 2013

Need some more light? Well this really neat craft/DIY idea adds some great home decor to any room in your house. You can really experiment with this. Let me know where you put your paper cube lights. We put ours in our kids room because he helped make them. Credit for Image(s):

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