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DIY Nursery Makeover

By Admin / January 30, 2014

Some areas in your home you may feel are not just fit for a nursery. While others may be in the process of just buying/renting a place but in both cases if you are prepping for an addition to your home a baby boy/girl then this is just the DIY Nursery Makeover tutorial for you. […]


DIY Chevron and Chenille Blanket

By Admin / January 14, 2014

This DIY chevron and chenille blanket tutorial uses a pre-printed chevron fabric to make this absolutely delightful blanket. It may not be categorized as a ‘quick’ project, but it isn’t terribly complicated. The tutorial demonstrates how to chenille the cotton fabric by cutting the chevrons between the top stitching and then throwing the blanket into […]


Toilet Paper Roll Planting Seeds

By Admin / August 9, 2013

We have quite a large garden in our backyard. What we learned over the years is that it is difficult to control the growth of plants and vegetation without having to micro manage them (trim leaves or remove unwanted growth). We just recently started this neat little trick of using toilet paper rolls to control […]