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The Truth About Energy Saving Light Bulbs

By Admin / April 2, 2016

The problem with early lightbulbs was that they didn’t last very long, in 1880 Thomas Edison created a lightbulb that could last for up to 1200 hours. The Edison lightbulb contained a bamboo filament, contained in an oxygenless glass bulb. In 1906 The General Electric Company began experimenting with tungsten filaments. This new type of […]


How To Open a Lock With a Soda Can – With Video Tutorial

By Admin / February 12, 2016

Use an aluminum soda can to open your padlocks or combination locks in the event that you have forgotten the combination or lost the key. Don’t forget to like our videos and make sure you subscribe to our channel for more Simple Home DIY Ideas videos daily.


10 Organization Tips for Back to School

By Admin / August 24, 2015

It is that time of year again, Back to School. What does that mean? The general sense of craziness, super busy mornings, and can’t forget the homework that never found its way into your kids bags. While some parents cannot wait till their kids go back, others, does not look forward to the beginning of […]


DIY Urban Deck Garden

By Admin / April 11, 2014

In my life I have determined that as people get older they begin to fall in love with gardening. Creating a beautiful garden or living off the land at home calms a lot of peoples nerves and keeps people busy because it can be a lot of work. And if you are interested in adding […]


DIY Reclaimed Wood Beam Planter Bench

By Admin / April 10, 2014

Looking for a really easy project that will make a huge impact on your outdoor living space? Give this DIY Reclaimed Wood Beam Planter Bench a try! I just love all these reuse and recycle projects they really put things you once called junk to work for you. DIY Ideas Credit for Image(s):


10 Awesome DIY Ways To Use Mason Jars

By Admin / April 8, 2014

Here are some more really great ways to put those drinking vessel you have to great use. I have featured my favorite flower pot idea because I love the color and the flowers add a really nice touch to the whole spring is here theme. Get your mason jars ready and try these 10 Awesome […]


16 DIY Studying Ideas To Help You Ace Your Next Exam

By Admin / April 7, 2014

Having problems Aceing those exams? Well we have found 16 DIY Studying Ideas To Help You Ace Your Next Exam. These ideas are great for pretty much any one that is going to writing their finals this year or just to help those that have trouble studying for exams. Studying Ideas Credit for Image(s):


19 Really Great Men’s Grooming Products

By Admin / April 7, 2014

Looking to improve your look or your smell. Well here is a list of 19 Really Great Men’s Grooming Products which allows you to throw those Axe products aside. Try each and everyone of these products as they are really cheap and my husband as tested quite a few of them already. Highly recommended! Products […]


DIY Patio Pallet Lounger

By Admin / April 4, 2014

As we all prepare for the summer time everyone is looking for great ways to enjoy the sun and also add some really nice decor to their patios. So why not give this DIY Patio Pallet Lounger a try because its easy to make, cheap and very flexible with the design as well as color. […]


25 DIY Tips And Tricks For Spring Cleaning

By Admin / April 3, 2014

Still behind on the spring cleaning this year? Whats great about these 25 DIY Tips And Tricks For Spring Cleaning is they are all great methods and ideas that turn this huge chore into a basic house cleaning session one day at a time. Plus all the ideas make sure you do not forget any […]

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