15 Unique and Innovative Wall Hooks

When it comes to doing things yourself or home decor, it typically comes down to what you have on hand. You can pretty much create any number of unique home decor ideas by recycling or re-purposing things you have laying around the house or the garage. So I decided today to focus on 15 unique and innovative wall hooks that you can make yourself with materials that you may have laying around. What’s great about these wall hooks is that they are both home decoration ideas and are also fully functional so you can use them to hang just about anything such as towels, coats, or even some decorative items.

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We have found quite a few different wall hooks that you can make on your own and are completely unique and very easy to recreate for your home. These wide variation of hooks can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, the kids’ rooms or anywhere in your home that you need them or just want more places to hang things.

Old-Fashioned Rake Wall Hook

Head into your garage and grab one of those old rakes because it can be easily turned into a really great hanger for either wine glasses or coats! Make sure you sand the rake down a little bit if there is some rust on it or even leave it if you prefer the rustic look, the choose is yours. Other option for reusing an old fashioned rake hanger is to put one in a bedroom. They make a perfect jewellery holder, and perfect for hanging necklaces. And to top it all off this idea will cost you very little if anything at all and it will only take you a few minutes to create this masterpiece.

DIY Project Instructions and Credit – Lifehacker

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Faucet Handle Wall Hangers

Whats a better hanger than those faucets handles you have for your water hose? A perfect hanger for your garden shed, garage or even inside your home! And even if you do not have any laying around, you can always head on over to a yard sale or thrift store to find one. The whole process of building these is quite simple. Basically, you just need to attach the faucet handles to a wooden board via a screw or just stick them directly to the wall. It’s all about being decorative and functional all at the same time!

DIY Project Instructions and Credit – Thisoldhouse


Recycled Wooden Hangers

Have old wood hangers laying around the house? So why not put them to good use by creating this really unique hanger. Hang whatever you like on these hangers including clothes, towels, scarves, belts or whatever your heart desires. What’s also great about this project is that you can use broken hangers as well since you only need half of the hangers, so this is a really great way to re-purpose them.

DIY Project Instructions and Credit – Alittleglassbox


Unique Paint Brush Hangers

Have any paint brushes laying around the house? Well we have found a great re purposing project for you. This project turns a regular old paint brush into a whimsical wall hanger. And this project is really easy, you just have to leave just enough paint on your brush to harden it. therefor, the hardened paint is what makes the actual hook itself. If you have an office or art studio, this idea would suit your office just perfectly! You can even use this idea to hang things in your office like painting supplies.

DIY Project Instructions and Credit – Apartmenttherapy


Bent Wrench Wall Hangers

Need some really great decor ideas and hangers in your garage? Check out this wrench wall hanger idea which takes your old wrenches and turns them into both unique decor and a hanger for anything laying around. The idea is very simple. Just bend the wrench upward then attach it to the wall. Wrenches are typically heavier than the average wall hanger so you can hang really heavy items on them. Some popular items you can hang are tool boxes or garden tools. Pretty much anything you would typically store in a garden shed or a garage. These also make great hangers for a boy’s room as well.

DIY Project Instructions and Credit – Etsy


Flattening Trowel Re-purposed Wall Hook

Check out this unique trowel wall hook idea! The project is more or less just painting it whatever color you like and hanging it. If your looking for a more rustic look, you can sand it or paint it a bit of a white color similar to this image, but really, any color will do depending on your wall color. These wall hooks work really well for towels or inside closet doors for your bathrobes.

DIY Project Instructions and Credit – Mamiejanes


Bed Headboard Wall Hangers

Who would have thought that an old headboard you have in storage could be used as a wall hanger! If you don’t happen to have a spare one, you can usually find one for a decent price at a flea market or yard/garage sale. This project requires you to stain it, paint it, and clean it up then add the hooks as required. This bed headboard wall hanger can be used for many different things including a coat rack, towel rack or you could even hang quite a few kitchen items from it as well. Whats great about this idea is that its very unique, decorative and you can get as creative as you like with this project by decorating them.

DIY Project Instructions and Credit – Knickoftimeinteriors


Modern Spindle Wall Hooks

Once you are done with the thread on those wooden spindles, make sure you keep them for this great project. These beautiful and modern spindle wall hooks are pretty simple to design. All you need to do is attach a dowel to the wall with screws and just add the spool over the dowel afterwards. Change up the size of the spool for some different looks and designs. You will find that these are perfects for sewing rooms, reading rooms, or simply to hang things in your entryways or hallways.

DIY Project Instructions and Credit – Athomeinlove


Perfume Lid Wall Hangers

Make sure the next time you finish up with that perfume bottle that you keep the lid. You can actually create some really nice looking wall hangers from the lids. But heads up, to complete this project you will also need a wine cork so make sure you keep some around the next time you finish a bottle of wine. The low cost of this project is what shines the most because it only requires perfume caps and corks which most women have. So stick that cork in that cap and screw it to the wall and be impressed with the unique design and innovation in this project.

DIY Project Instructions and Credit – Ohohblog


Copper Pipe Wall Hooks

Here is another really great project which will give you that elegant and modern look for wall hooks. I find that copper is an extremely strong metal so you can hang some heavier things on these copper pipes. So once you do, add these to your kitchen and feel free to hang your heavy pans or pots. This project is relatively easy to complete and does not take a lot of time either.

DIY Project Instructions and Credit – Homemydesign


Light Bulb Wall Hangers

When your light bulbs start to dim or burn out remember not to throw them away. Why you ask? Because this project is a great way to re-purpose them as wall hangers. You will need a little bit of concrete and time to accomplish this project but overall, it is not a very difficult or expensive project. The look and uniqueness of these Light Bulb Wall Hangers is amazing!

DIY Project Instructions and Credit – Instructables


Kitchen Cutlery Wall Hangers

Everyone has those old mismatched knives, spoons and forks laying in their kitchen drawers. Convert them into a beautiful pieces of art with a wall hanger! There are 2 options you can do with this project. Option 1: Attach the cutlery to a board then attach the board to the wall. Option 2: Attach them directly to the wall. These cutlery wall hangers work extremely well in kitchens or in hallways beside the kitchens and you can hang just about anything from purses, coats or aprons. Don’t forget to paint them as well to match the color or decor that is in your kitchen.

DIY Project Instructions and Credit – Realsimple


Tree Branch Wall Hooks

Have a green thumb or you just love trees? Well this is just the project for you! Create a rustic looking branch wall hook for hanging your coats! You have the option of doing multiple branches or a single branch depending on how many hooks you need or things you would like to hang in that area. You can paint them to whatever color you like and don’t worry because if you mess up, with this project there is always plenty of branches outside that you can start over with. The cost of this project is extremely low as you are re-purposing a tree branch.

DIY Project Instructions and Credit – Scandinaviandeko


Door Knob Hangers

Door knobs are one of the best hangers. They have the perfect shape for hanging little things and they come in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs. If you have old rustic looking ones, they would look great being placed in different rooms or even mix match them with more modern looking door knobs. You can hang anything from coats, to purses or simply to hang towels.

DIY Project Instructions and Credit – Thehouseofsmiths


Nursery Toy Colorful Wall Hooks

Every kid typically has nursery toys they may not play with anymore, so why not paint them a bright color and re-purpose them into a wall hook which will work in any child’s room! This also works especially well for toys that are broken and you have no use for them anymore. You could use various types of toys such as animals or just a standard hard rubber toys. This is a very easy project to take on and honestly it will only take you an hour or 2 to complete.

DIY Project Instructions and Credit – Sayyes