Omnii Shop – By Everyone, For Everyone

Omnii Shop - By Everyone, For Everyone

If you took a look at the marketplace my team and I developed, I wanted to create a safe environment for both buyers and sellers, where your input helps shape and mold the direction Omnii takes.

We feature:
+ $0.15 listing fees: automatically deducted from your account
+ 6% checkout fee: we actually pay your Stripe and PayPal fees. It’s at least .4% cheaper than our competitors.
+ Multi-shops: you can create unlimited shops under 1 email account.
+ No product limit, no quantity limit – 5 images per each product.
+ NO INVOICES. Everything is automatically deducted via checkout, and listing fees from your deposit.
+ Variations on products/pricings: you can set up 1 item with multiple colors, pictures, and prices on that same listing
+ Easily track views, sales, etc., through your dashboard
+ Add SEO content to your shop directly and to each of your products.
+ Transparency: we keep you in the loop on Omnii’s progress, and use your ideas/suggestions to make it better
+ Immortal Design is 100% USA-based, and has been around for over 5 years – we’re not going anywhere, and we’re not going to go on the public market/IPO.
+ Dedicated seller support team

I know personally the the hardship of small business in this economy, and I want to help. As a token of my appreciation, please use coupon code: XYZ when you decide to open a shop. It will deposit $20 into your shop account, which is good for over 130 listings.

We can help import your products directly from your store – no time wasted manually inputting them!

Omnii Shop – By Everyone, For Everyone

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